ONA Weekly #461: Building Trust Amid Misinformation

By on May 17, 2023

Hear from Gabriella Stern, Dr. Norbert Schwarz and Joy Mayer

We’re thrilled to host Gabriella Stern, the World Health Organization’s Director of Communications, Dr. Norbert Schwarz, who has researched how to prevent misinformation from taking root for planned news events, and Joy Mayer, longtime ONA community member and Founder of Trusting News, for a timely conversation on ensuring news remains a source of clear and straightforward information. Meena Thiruvengadam, Digital Strategy Consultant and journalist, will moderate the event. 

Resilience in Combating Misinformation is this Thursday, May 18 at 2 p.m. EDT (6 p.m. UTC). After an initial panel discussion, attendees will be able to join the speaker of their choice for a participatory breakout session. 

ONA thanks 3M for its support of the newest edition of the playbook.

Your industry news diet

Beyond ONA, what are the top three ways you stay current on industry trends and resources for journalists? We’re taking a look at how we’re sharing resources and wanted to check with you about the outlets, platforms, newsletters, podcasts, specific experts, niche communities or other ways you’re keeping up lately. Reply directly to this email to share.

Supporting journalists’ safety and press freedom

ONA is a champion for freedom of expression and journalists’ right to do their work. Learn about some of our latest efforts to protect their safety, including coordinating with the Coalition Against Online Violence, offering tailored training on safety and security at ONA23: Philadelphia and signing on to friend-of-the-court briefs and public letters.

Ensuring equitable access to news

Our recently updated Information Equity Database helps journalists reach and engage with communities who’ve been historically under- or misrepresented.

In this database, you will find advice for identifying gaps in information access, gaining a community’s trust and making the business case for audience engagement to newsroom leadership. It includes resources such as a cultural competence guide, an LGBTQ+ reference guide and a disability language style guide.

Explore the database. ONA thanks 3M for its support of the newest edition of the playbook.

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Career opportunities 

ONA’s Career Center is an excellent resource for jobs, fellowships and internships in digital journalism. Recent postings include:

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Directory spotlight

Adriana Lacy Consulting

Adriana Lacy Consulting is a full-service digital content consulting firm that helps newsrooms, media companies, nonprofits, and technology companies grow their digital audiences.

Dozens of technology companies, foundations, consultants and journalism organizations contribute to ONA’s mission throughout the year. Explore our Industry Directory to discover new tools and potential partners, or learn how to get listed.

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