ONA Weekly #386: How To Provide Flexibility To Caregivers In The Newsroom

By on November 17, 2021

How to provide flexibility to caregivers in the newsroom  

What would you do if your newsroom employee suddenly told you they must go offline for the next few hours to handle a personal emergency — in the middle of a work day? It is likely that if you manage a team of employees who are also caregivers, you have already encountered this scenario. 

Caregiving is personal to the individual receiving care; therefore, the demands and tasks caregivers perform look very different. Newsroom employees look to supervisors to provide a flexible work culture that allows them to make contributions to the newsroom on top of managing caregiving responsibilities. As a first step, here are four questions you and your team can ask to create a work culture that supports everyone including caregivers:

  • Are we able to turn key takeaways from this meeting into a document?  
  • Is this a conversation we can have on Slack or email?
  • Which process or workflow are we able to capture in a handover document? 
  • What type of accommodations (i.e., scheduling, restructuring tasks, etc.) am I, and the team, willing to make with my employee to ensure that our project doesn’t conflict with their caregiving duties?
Documenting topics shared during meetings or conversations on Slack or email helps keep employees not present informed. Keeping a database of handover documents or creating a backup plan saves time and energy. Encouraging open dialogue about ongoing caregiving duties helps everyone on your team decide how they might best contribute to projects. In this writeup for OpenNews, Co-executive Director Sisi Wei tells us why asynchronous collaboration leads to better team outcomes. She also offers ways to redesign meeting materials to optimize participation from people who did not attend.

If you’re an employee looking for extra support with your caregiving duties, here are additional resources:     

We’re always on the lookout for helpful resources and tips. If you have other examples to share, please reply directly to this email.


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Boston College’s Emma Healy receives honorary mention at OJAs

Judges at this year’s Online Journalism Awards recognized Emma Healy’s drive to record some of the biggest athletic stories on and off the Boston College campus in the Student Journalism Award category. As the current Sports Editor for The Heights, an independent student newspaper, Emma’s portfolio in the Student Journalism Awards category features in-depth profile stories of influential people in her college community such as Jon Sciambi, an alumnus who now works as a sportscaster and play-by-play radio announcer for Chicago Cubs, and Jocelyn Gates, a graduate of Howard University who became BC’s highest-ranking woman and person of color athletics administrator. Other notable portfolio pieces highlight the story of BC’s women’s lacrosse team which recently won its first national championship in program history. 

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