Journalism 360 No. 44: Journalism 360 Challenge

Applications are open for the 2020 Journalism 360 Challenge

By on August 7, 2020

How might we experiment with immersive storytelling to advance the field of journalism? That’s the question this community has always asked itself. Now, we’re excited to call for all your early-stage immersive projects as part of the 2020 Journalism 360 Challenge.

The challenge aims to advance best practices by providing microgrants to those who are experimenting with mediums like 360 video, spatial audio, augmented reality, virtual reality and mixed reality. Winners will receive a share of $100,000.

Learn more and apply by Aug. 20

Some other exciting news: We’ve brought on JOVRNALISM’s Robert Hernadez as the new Journalism 360 Program Manager! He’ll help produce events and training (including at ONA20 Everywhere), administer grants and foster connections among the Journalism 360 community. Give him a warm hello at @webjournalist.

Last week, we hosted ONA Insights: Emerging Tech, bringing together innovators to talk about how they’re using the latest storytelling tools. All the session recordings are available to explore—just be sure to use our name-your-price registration for access. We’ve linked a few recordings you won’t want to miss in the list below, along with our usual roundup of interesting industry resources.

A request: We loved hanging out with those who attended in Mozilla Hubs (with landscapes built for us by Emblematic Group!). We’re curious to hear from you: What should we do in Hubs next? We’re thinking about virtual drinks, games, karaoke—there’s a lot of potential. Email with your ideas and suggestions.


Building the Volumetric Future. “Godmother of Virtual Reality” Nonny de la Peña kicked off ONA Insights: Emerging Tech with a conversation on her career and an overview of how the immersive industry has evolved.

A Guide to Immersive Ethics. McClatchy’s Jayson Chesler and Theresa Poulson unpacked their Journalism 360 guide in this session on producing stories ethically within AR, VR, 360 video and other immersive tools

Intro to AR with Snapchat Lens Studio. Watch Journalism 360 Program Manager Robert Hernandez and Emblematic Group’s Chaitanya Shah lead a hands-on workshop walking through how to build AR experiences using Snapchat’s software.

Virtually Confined. Journalism 360 Ambassador Francesca Panetta wrote about how her VR project on solitary confinement, 6X9, has affected her thinking about staying at home during coronavirus, and how space can affect the mind.

Bringing Doodles to Life. New app Rakugaki AR allows you to scan drawings from a notebook and bring them into a virtual space, where you can interact with them.

Support for Black Creators. The 2020 MIT OpenDocLab & BPMplus Fellowship provides four months of independent study for Black creators to develop a documentary or nonfiction project using emerging technologies. Apply by Aug. 16.

The Future of Audience. The Immersive Audience Journey Report looks into if there really is an easily identifiable “immersive audience” who may one day consume immersive experiences in their home.

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