ONA Weekly #269

By on July 31, 2019

Creative evergreen content strategies

Are you making the most of your evergreen content? Last week’s ONA NYC event brought together The New York Times’ Tim Herrera, Quartz’s Phoebe Gavin, The New Yorker’s Lainna Fader and others to discuss their strategies for re-sharing content. The presentations offered actionable insights from experiences generating new products with evergreen content, creating a cataloging system and learning how to time re-shares. Read the event recap by Mandy Velez and find more notes in the liveblog by Ron Nurwisah.

From the archives: Mid-conference rally

We are sharing resources and stories from the ONA archives throughout 2019, as we celebrate 20 years of inspiring innovation and excellence in digital journalism.

"Rally to Restore Sanity" by Reclamation Revolution is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0 Throwback to ONA10: We held the annual conference in Washington, D.C., at the same time that Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert hosted their rally to restore sanity and fear on the National Mall. According to reports, several attendees took breaks between sessions to join the rally, which the New York Times described as a chance for the two comedians to “rib journalists and fear-mongering politicians.” Were you there? Reply to tell us about it.

Community stories 

How has your ONA experience impacted your work and career? Contribute your story to #Happy20thONA.

Both my career + bilingual curriculum @RSJNevada would look much different w/out the support we’ve received from @ONA. Thanks to the Challenge Fund for Innovation & the Grand Prize, @noticiero_movil exists, providing experiential training + important local news. #Happy20thONA! 
— Vanessa Vancour
My involvement with #ONA serves as a constant reminder of how I should spend my days as a journalist: innovating, elevating the truth, upholding high standards of ethics and inclusiveness, and helping people make sense of the world around them. Thank you, @ONA. And #Happy20thONA! 
— Eric Carvin
The first time I walked into an @ONA conference, I could almost count the number of people of color on one hand. OK, that’s probably an exaggeration, but that’s what it felt like looking around the conference rooms. ONA has come a long way since then! #Happy20thONA 
— Michelle Johnson

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