Beena Raghavendran

Education Reporter • Star Tribune • Minneapolis, MN
Last edited September 27, 2017

I’m Beena, Minneapolis schools reporter at the Star Tribune. I am a beat writer, a job that I’ve challenged myself to make digital, including creation of a professional Facebook page to expand my reach to new audiences and push my own online skills. I’ve shot and edited videos myself for my social media accounts to accompany stories I report for our paper. I created an online survey to gauge the work of the school district, distributing it through social media also to spread the word about my Facebook page. I’ve also tried more creative ways to connect readers to content, like highlighting quotes from a night meeting in appealing ways and creating a Prezi presentation to walk readers through graphs. This Facebook venture is in addition to my daily reporting for our print paper and goes beyond the expectation of a reporter in my newsroom. In my off time, I like thinking about the way the industry is changing on my blog. At ONA, I hope to hear how other beat reporters are engaging audiences digitally and hear trends in online journalism innovation. Eventually, I hope to start my own digital news company to offer something new to audiences.