Jasmine Lee

Freelance • Birmingham, UK
Last edited June 9, 2021

After writing about a conversational exchange between two sentient traffic lights in elementary school, it was clear that from a young age Jasmine was destined for a life of storytelling. While her natural talents lie in the written word she recognises the power and potential of multi-media production, carving out a space for her practice in photography and podcast creation. She has covered a diverse array of topics; from interviewing Brit rock band The Vaccines in their tour bus to chatting with the Consul General of Canada to Hong Kong and Macau, her interests are as wide in breadth as they are in-depth.

No matter where in the world she is, Jasmine has found that her best work comes from a place of introspection and candour. Her ambitious pursuit to live a life she can be proud of has never faltered.

2021 MJ Bear Fellowship Project

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