Corvaya Jeffries

Entertainment Reporter • The Palm Beach Post
Last edited September 28, 2017

Corvaya is a African American and Puerto Rican digital communicator and multimedia journalist who creates compelling, thought provoking content for millennial audiences. In the workplace, she is most known for her original ideas, bringing forward-thinking concepts to life and understanding/teaching social technology as it evolves.

Her career in journalism started when she pitched producing and hosting the first female Hip-Hop radio program at Wake Forest University. There, she earned Communication degree with a concentration in media studies and minor in Women’s and Gender Studies.

After a successful radio run, Presidents Aide induction and completion of five internships as an undergraduate student, Corvaya worked as a content creator, live event host and executive assistant in Los Angeles, California.

In 2016, Corvaya was one of the six media professionals chosen out of a pool of candidates for Cox Media Group’s competitive Digital Talent Program. She earned a full time position at the Palm Beach Post as their only Social Media Reporter. She moved on to be the Entertainment Reporter for the newspaper’s new digital and entertainment content team. There, she created a workflow that is fluid throughout the newsroom to date.

Corvaya is “sister” to 10 siblings and a progressive health nut.