Tuesday, Jun. 18, 2024 • Global

Image Creation Tools

We’ll work with — and modify — prompts to create images. We’ll also look at how to fact-check images to see if they’re created by AI using some new tools and techniques. We’ll look at how tools like MidJourney have improved image quality over the past 18 months. We’ll work with DALL-E, Adobe Firefly and other AI image generation tools (e.g. Runway, etc.) to create vector illustrations, 3D artwork, cartoon characters, cutaways of buildings and cars, etc. We’ll also examine legal, ethical and attribution/transparency issues with using the software.


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Where will the meetup take place?

This event will be hosted on Zoom. For this particular event, you’ll have the best experience if you join via the Zoom app on a desktop or laptop computer so that you can see the presentation on a larger screen. You can also join using the mobile app, although the presentation may be harder to view.

Can I dial in by phone?

We recommend joining from your computer, tablet or phone using the Zoom app. You won’t be able to access the presentation slides, chat and exercises if you’re dialed in via phone only. If you’re unfamiliar with Zoom, we’ll have staff on hand to troubleshoot, and we also suggest checking out the Zoom support site for more help.

Will this event be recorded?

The event will be recorded and made available to registrants at the end of the session.

Will closed captioning be available?

Yes, we will enable Zoom’s closed captioning tool, which now supports closed captioning in both the main room and breakout rooms.

Funding for ONA’s AI in Journalism Initiative is generously provided by Microsoft. To learn more about supporting this AI programming, contact Hanaa Rifaey, Head of Strategic Partnerships, at hanaa@journalists.org.


Tuesday, Jun. 18, 2024
3 pm-4:30 pm ET

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Mike Reilley
Senior Lecturer, University of Illinois-Chicago