Thursday, Jun. 15, 2023 • Global

Executive Women Leaders Salon: Navigating career moves in executive leadership

Whether it’s a promotion within the same organization or a new company entirely, starting a new role at the executive level can be a unique time in your career. You might be working with the board of directors, an executive recruiter and high-level team members, learning about the teams who will report to you, onboarding and thinking about change management — all while winding down your previous role and managing succession planning.

During this session, we’ll discuss all the nuance to career changes at the executive level — including preparing for a change, connecting to opportunities that aren’t posted publicly, knowing when it’s time to move on, investing in your own learning (especially when you’re also responsible for your staff’s professional growth), facilitating management changes and more. We’ll have an off-the-record conversation with executives who have navigated career changes at this level and share what we’ve learned in a small-group setting.

This session is the second in ONA’s three-part Executive Women Leaders Salon, a series for women at the head of their organizational leadership structure. Registration for the program closed April 25.


Thursday, Jun. 15, 2023
3 pm-4:30 pm ET



Susan Leath
President and Founder, Leath Consultant Group, LLC
Jessica Strelitz
Chief Strategic Partnerships Officer, Online News Association