The Online News Association taps the News Revenue Hub to envision the future of its membership strategy

By on August 23, 2023

The Online News Association is partnering with the News Revenue Hub to develop a comprehensive strategy for supporting the journalism community and driving innovation and excellence in digital news. Founded in 2016 to help news organizations achieve financial sustainability and serve their communities, the News Revenue Hub has helped over 200 newsrooms and organizations raise more than $85 million in volunteer contributions.

LaSharah S. Bunting, CEO and Executive Director of ONA, notes the partnership’s particular fit with ONA’s focus on driving experimentation in revenue models, storytelling and emerging technologies.

“There are many organizations that are trying to address these issues in the industry,” said Bunting, “but the collaborative spirit and shared ideology of service and innovation was vital in establishing this partnership. We’re not just working on ONA’s strategy — we both want to improve the landscape of journalism and access to information.”

Mary Walter-Brown, founder and CEO of the News Revenue Hub, emphasized the opportunity to partner. “When I look at an organization like ONA, who’s been attuned to the needs of journalists and newsrooms since 1999, I get excited by what we can accomplish for the sector as a team. LaSharah Bunting understands the importance of being a leader on new technologies, ideas, and sustainable revenue models. We’ve been working in parallel, and now we can do this work together.”

ONA joins an impressive list of journalism organizations that have joined the Hub for membership and strategic support. Others include the Institute for Nonprofit News, Report for America and the Maynard Institute.

“The News Revenue Hub is exactly the kind of partner we are looking for,” said Bunting. “We want to work with organizations that have deep ties to the journalism community and can help spread the word about the work we’re doing. I believe that collaborations like this one can really create something powerful for the industry.”

The partnership begins with technology and data science support, as well as a comprehensive membership strategy to understand how ONA can best support existing and potential members, and will continue through partnered work to benefit the ecosystem.

“ONA has over 2,000 members,” said Walter-Brown. “They’re at the heart of the digital news industry. Together we can bolster a profession, on a local and global level, to serve the public good.”

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