Early career journalists: Apply by April 7 to join the ONA Board of Directors

ONA announces new reserved seat on the board

By on March 9, 2022

The Online News Association (ONA) is delighted to open the call for applications for the role of Early Career Board Officer. The new, non-voting seat on the Board of Directors is reserved for professionals and students just starting out in their journalism career to build industry leadership experience.

We are looking for a professional with no more than three years of journalism work experience, or a graduate or undergraduate student in their final year, to contribute their perspective to the board. All applicants must be active ONA members to be eligible.

The Early Career Board Officer will be in a unique position to highlight the challenges and needs of entry-level journalists and inform ONA’s focus on career development and innovation training. The officer will also gain insight into the workings of journalism associations and nonprofit organizations as they engage with industry leaders and develop their own leadership journey.

This new role was inspired by our experience collaborating with a Student Representative on the board from 2016–2021. Not all journalists have a traditional college background, and education systems vary across countries. Reserving the seat for an early career journalist — a broader criteria — expands the opportunity to ONA members who might have taken a different path into journalism.

The application period is open now through April 7. ONA’s Governance Committee will review all applicants and make a recommendation to the full board for approval. The Early Career Board Officer will complete orientation in May/June and begin their 18-month term on July 1, 2022.

Apply now to be ONA’s Early Career Board Officer

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