ONA Weekly #394: Lessons From Covering Homelessness In San Francisco

By on January 19, 2022

Lessons from covering homelessness in San Francisco

Join the ONA San Francisco group for their next online event Feb. 3: Telling Jessica’s Story. The San Francisco Chronicle’s Heather Knight and Gabrielle Lurie will share their approach to recent in-depth reporting on homelessness and addiction in the Tenderloin. KQED’s Ernesto Aguilar will moderate the conversation on processes to inform sensitive coverage and lessons from producing journalism that serves a community at large. Register now.

Good reads for product management thinking

“Even if you don’t have an official position in your organization at the moment, someone is already doing the job.” That’s a takeaway from Cindy Royal, Professor and Director of Media Innovation Lab at Texas State University, speaking to digital journalists last week at ONA San Diego virtual event on product thinking for newsrooms. Cindy joined Becca Aaronson, Co-Founder and Executive Consultant of News Product Alliance, as a featured guest in a conversation moderated by Amy Schmitz Weiss, Professor of Journalism at San Diego State University.

Resources they recommend to dive deeper include the books Product Management in Practice, Cracking the PM Interview and Media Innovation Book

Plus, add these research pieces to your reading list for insights on product-centered journalism careers and collaboration on digital media products.

More tips for your job handover

Responding to a question in last week’s newsletter about tips and resources for team transitions, Aliu Akoshile, CEO and Editor-in-chief at NatureNews Africa, suggested including the “unwritten” do’s and don’ts of the organization in a handover note. At ONA, we’ve invited everyone on the team to share some of the less formal and less job-specific advice — e.g the most reliable take-out lunch spot — before a new staff member’s first day, and included that collection in the onboarding packet.

Separately, Chicago Public Media’s incoming Chief Audience Officer Celeste LeCompte, who inspired the original thread of tips, shared what came out of the documentation process. Among several items, the handover includes a memo about direct reports, month by month calendar of tasks and a “braindump doc” of projects, problems and goals that were top of mind. Read more.

Career opportunities

ONA’s Career Center is an excellent resource for jobs, fellowships and internships in digital journalism. Recent postings include:

On our radar

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