ONA Weekly #348: Tackle The Big, Hairy Conversations In Your Newsroom

By on February 24, 2021

Tackle the big, hairy conversations in your newsroom

Are you a manager who wants to stop dancing around conflicts on your team? Would you rather have skunks in your house than discuss a performance challenge with your boss? Knowing how to tackle difficult work conversations can improve your newsroom culture, your coverage and your life overall. There are specific tactics you can practice to navigate them thoughtfully and productively. The first one: Check with your feelings to decide whether that tough talk needs to happen. Per advice from Destinée-Charisse Royal and Lu Ortiz, the answer may be yes if:

  • The quality of your work will suffer if you do not speak up.
  • The volume of your work will increase.
  • You are relying too much on your coping mechanism(s).
  • It’s affecting your sleep, good habits or relationships. 
  • It’s top of mind outside of work.
Dig deeperYou Gotta Have That Talk: A Replay of ‘How to Approach Difficult Conversations’ Session (2019) – ONA on Air podcast episode produced by Erika Aguilar
  • Featured expertsDestinée-Charisse RoyalLu Ortiz
  • Quick tip: After the conversation, update your allies, write a recap and create a calendar reminder to follow up.

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