ONA21 is June 22-25—find inspiration, find your people

The high-quality journalism innovation training you expect from ONA, happening online earlier in the year than usual

By on February 22, 2021

The 2021 Online News Association Conference (#ONA21) is moving up to June 22-25.

We are excited to bring you four days of online programming focused on innovation in audience engagement, product development, digital business strategy and forecasting industry trends.

Our signature annual conference gathers digital journalism’s brightest, including international news veterans, representatives from major tech companies and local news leaders. Attendees join for many reasons, including to:

  • Learn practical tips to improve day-to-day work
  • Discover new technology to get work done more efficiently
  • Get recognized for contributions to the industry
  • Find inspiration for the next big moonshot idea
  • Connect with like-minded people to problem-solve or launch a collaboration
  • Explore career opportunities
  • Have fun!

Get involved

Registration will launch soon. As with many of our programs, the annual conference offers generous discounts on registration to ONA members (over 30% off). It’s a special thanks from us for helping to sustain our mission to inspire and support innovation in digital journalism year-round. Learn about ONA membership.

Get excited for the Suggestion Box. Most of the conference programming emerges from the community’s pitches, and we are committed to being as inclusive as possible and consider diversity in speaker demographics as well as programming focus areas. We expect to open the call for session ideas in March 2021. New to the ONA conference? Check out last year’s schedule to get a sense of what the conversations are all about.

Support ONA21. Sponsorships add even more magic to the ONA experience. Our first virtual annual conference (ONA20) gathered nearly 2,000 attendees representing 40 countries. To learn about ways to connect with the ONA community—both leading up to and during ONA21—contact Jessica Strelitz, Chief Strategic Partnerships Officer, at jessica@journalists.org. We have plans for speaking, demos, recruiting and career events as well as networking.

All the conference news and more. Subscribe to ONA21 News to stay up to date about conference-related opportunities and engage in community spotlights and conversations leading up to June. We also recommend following updates on Twitter @ONAConf and joining the ONA conference Facebook group.

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To learn about other programming and resources from ONA, keep up with the ONA Weekly each Wednesday. We’re planning a number of training and networking events throughout the year, including the possibility of a regional in-person event in October 2021.