Journalism 360 No. 12: Audio Connection, Remote Reporting, AR’s Potential

By on October 5, 2018

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We launched this newsletter in May in contribute to Journalism 360’s mission of helping newsrooms and individuals expand uses of immersive storytelling for journalism. Past issues have highlighted projects covering climate change and immigration, lessons from experiments with 360 video and food for thought on open standards and design.

We’ll be experimenting with different sections in upcoming issues and want to hear about the resources that have been most useful to you and what questions you want explore. Share your feedback.


Audio connection. Audio is relatively low-tech, less intimidating for interviewees and can be the perfect guide as people navigate an unfamiliar space. Learn how techniques from audio storytelling can contribute a “deeper sense of immersive, a more instinctive connection” in virtual reality films.

AR’s potential. Uses of augmented reality are expanding, from participatory storytelling to place-based projects to audio experiments and more. “In this nascent moment, while the contours of emerging media remain malleable, it’s vital for diverse creators to participate in shaping AR’s future as a technology, medium and platform.”

Remote reporting. Virtual reality is enabling people to attend conferences remotely, but there are challenges to overcome, including noise, eye strain and limited battery life. Is covering events through VR a fad or a promising opportunity for journalists? Reply with your take.

Broadcasted. Check out these seven examples where augmented reality meets broadcast media to cover weather, sports and election results.

Digital threat. “Zero Days VR” is the story of the computer virus Stuxnet. Jump into the world of high-stakes cyber warfare.

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Karolle Rabarison

Karolle Rabarison is ONA's Director of Communications. She collaborates across the team to connect ONA members and the broader journalism community to emerging tech and leadership training, networking, industry trends, and career development resources.