ONA Weekly #37

By on December 10, 2014

 ONA Weekly No. 37

Sensors, public data and politics in Miami

As sea levels continue to rise, the impact on coastal cities like Miami may be devastating. Eyes on the Rise, a Florida International University project funded in the first round of ONA’s Challenge Fund for Innovation in Journalism Education, is digging into the under-reported issues. In an Education Shift post, learn how FIU is working with multiple partners to change how the local press tells stories on the issue through innovative student work using sensors, public data and community engagement.

Dream up your own Challenge Fund project

Inspired by FIU’s work? If you have your own innovative, collaborative project that bridges education and local news, apply for a $35,000 grant from the Challenge Fund for Innovation in Journalism Education by Jan. 15.

Upcoming events

Happy holidays! ONA Local groups are getting together to celebrate the season. It’s the perfect time to attend a meetup or learn how you can start a local group near you.

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Act now to support open data

ONA today joined a coalition of media organizations in urging the U.S. House of Representatives to vote on the FOIA Improvements Act of 2014, passed unanimously by the Senate. We urge our community to let their voices of support be heard today as the House is considering adjournment before voting on S.2520, which takes key steps to strengthen federal agencies’ efforts to implement their obligations under the Freedom of Information Act.

Just posted! New job openings

Looking for a new job or just want to see what’s out there? Check out ONA’s Career Center. Job seekers can browse the latest openings and upload their resumes for free.

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Jeremiah Patterson

Jeremiah Patterson

Jeremiah was ONA's Digital Manager from 2012 to the fall of 2016 and was responsible for ONA's collection of websites, including journalists.org, conference websites, the membership center, awards platforms and more. Before joining ONA, he served as a web producer and content developer at The Wildlife Society, maintaining the organization’s website, email marketing and other online services. An Ohio native and media enthusiast, Jeremiah grew up with a deep interest in video production and graphic design. He now focuses in user experience and human-centered design.