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The AP-Google Journalism and Technology Scholarship program provides $7,500 scholarships for the 2014-15 academic year to two promising undergraduate or graduate students pursuing or planning to pursue degrees at the intersection of journalism, computer science and new media. The program is targeted to individual students creating innovative projects that further the ideals of digital journalism.

Quick Facts

  • Supported by: Associated Press and Google
  • Administered by: Online News Association
  • First awarded: 2012-2013 academic year
  • Current award: 2014-2015 academic year
  • Number awarded: 2
  • Total number of awards since program launch: 12
  • Amount of each award per year: $7,500 for 2014-2015, $20,00 for 2012-2013 and 2013-2014
  • Total awarded for academic year: $15,000
  • Program launch: Aug. 15, 2011
  • 2014 Application deadline: Feb. 21, 2014

Official statements

Online News Association

“There’s nothing more exciting than seeing these new journalist hybrids emerging from our colleges across the U.S.,” said Jane McDonnell, ONA Executive Director. “While digital media professionals continue to evolve the game, these students will transform the playing field.”

Associated Press

“Supporting innovation at the intersection of journalism and technology is crucial to the future of news. We are pleased to team up with Google in supporting the initiative and ideas of six impressive students who will be shaping that future,” said Sue Cross, AP senior vice president for the Americas.

Google, Inc.

“The caliber of the projects that these students hope to bring to fruition demonstrate how those creating the next era of journalism are embracing the power of technology to tell stories in new and exciting ways,’ said Richard Gingras, Senior Director of News and Social Products at Google. “It is this rich new thinking and these fresh new efforts from these scholars that will ensure that the future of journalism can and will be better than it’s past.”

News Releases

June 3, 2013: Associated Press, Google award six $20,000 scholarships to digital journalism stand-outs

Dec. 12, 2012: AP-Google Scholarship Program Accepting Applications for 2013-14

April 5, 2012: Associated Press, Google award six $20,000 scholarships to ‘new’ journalists

Aug. 15, 2011: Associated Press, Google announce scholarships open to aspiring digital journalists; ONA to administer


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The Online News Association just announced the winners of the AP-Google Journalism and Technology Scholarship. Congratulations to the 6 talented winners, who each receive $20,000!

Get inspired by the 6 winners of the new AP-Google Journalism and Technology Scholarship. Check out their projects:

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Congratulations to the 6 winners of the + Journalism and Technology Scholarship. #APGoogleScholar

6 students just won $20,000 ea. from @AP + @Google for creative digital journalism projects. #APGoogleScholar

2013-14 Scholar Profiles and Photos

Adam Allevato

Current School: Colorado State University
Year in School: Junior
Age: 20
Twitter: @kukanani
Facebook: Kukanani
LinkedIn: Adam Allevato

Read more about Adam.

Lindsey Cook

Current School: The University of Georgia
Year in School: Junior
Age: 21
Twitter: @lindzcook
Facebook: Lindsey Cook
LinkedIn: Lindsey Cook

Read more about Lindsey.

Nonny de la Peña

Current School: University of Southern California
Year in School: Doctoral Student
Twitter: @nonnydlp
Facebook: Nonny de la Peña
LinkedIn: Nonny de la Peña

Read more about Nonny.

Tyler Fisher

Current School: Northwestern University
Year in School: Junior
Age: 22
Twitter: @euphonos
Facebook: Tyler Fisher
LinkedIn: Tyler Fisher

Read more about Tyler.

Nilkanth Patel

Current School: Columbia University
Year in School: Graduate Student
Age: 23
Twitter: @nilo89

Read more about Nilkanth.

Erik Reyna

Current School: University of California-Berkeley
Year in School: Graduate Student
Age: 25
Twitter: @erikreyna
Tumblr: erikreyna
LinkedIn: Erik Reyna

Read more about Erik.