Northwestern University Knight Lab

Scene VR

Northwestern University Knight Lab is one of the 2017 winners of the Journalism 360 Challenge. See all the winners.

Project Description

The project is to create a tool for easily creating shareable, embeddable WebVR stories. Through our research over the last six months we’ve determined that, for a majority of VR video content from news organizations, most people exposed to that content for the first time find the friction not worth the payoff.

Journalism institutions are only creating VR content using video. Creating VR video is difficult and is an evolving profession that has not had its “Citizen Kane” moment yet.

Through our user interviews, ideation, prototyping and user testing on this subject, we identified an opportunity for an authoring tool that makes it easy to create photo VR experiences that offer interactive navigation, addressing a gap in the market for storytellers and story consumers alike.