Gisa Group

Volum (Volumetric Video in the Field)

Gisa Group is one of the 2018 winners of the Journalism 360 Challenge. See all the winners.


  • Trevor Snapp, Director
  • Ben Sax, Interactive Artist and Founder of Perceptoscope (Prototype Fund 2015)
  • Ben Kreimer, Journalism Technology
  • Sam Wolson, Immersive Media Director
  • Jared van Fleet, Artist and Producer

Project Description

We’re building a low-cost, open-source toolset consisting of a modular PVC-based volumetric video-scanning rig, and an open-source post-production workflow to automate reconstruction. Deploying these tools to arts organizations and artists around the world will democratize the volumetric video process, allowing more people in more places to capture and share the world around them.

For this project we are proposing to create and deploy a prototype volumetric video-scanning rig using affordable cameras in the field in two contexts to demonstrate proof of concept. Post-production would be done in our studio using available open-source software solutions.

In the next phase of this project we will work to adapt these open-source solutions into a workflow that could be used in the field, but users with a less advanced skillset. We plan to build a human scale rig initially for half- and full-body scans; if time and resources allow we will conduct testing on a “macro” rig that can scan much smaller objects. These scans will then be set into a volumetric environment or used in an AR setting in order to demonstrate their viability.