Apply for the MJ Bear Fellowship

This page includes an overview of everything that you need to apply for reference.

The application has five parts. Applications and all submitted materials must be in English. Any links you provide as part of the application must be public — with no password required.

Section 1: Contact Information, Resume and Photo

Provide name, date of birth, address, email, phone number, relevant online presences, photo and resume.

Section 2: Project, Experiment, Concept

Provide a description of and link to your digital journalism experiment or project, which is either ongoing or started after Jan. 1, 2018. You should specify your role — whether you were the sole creator or a member of a team. The project should be more than a concept or idea; it should be far enough along to show substantial progress. Some examples: a new take on complex data visualization, a unique approach to news coverage or news gathering, a novel form of news content distribution or a fresh approach to using social media, mobile technology, video or streaming or intrapreneurial and entrepreneurial efforts.

The selection committee is looking for projects that show spark, creativity and innovation. Applicants should explain how their strategy moves digital journalism forward or provides valuable lessons or outcomes. Length: 500 words or fewer; or a multimedia presentation no longer than three minutes.

Section 3: Testimonial / Letter of Recommendation

One letter of recommendation from employer, instructor or technology partner affirming the candidate as a standout young digital journalist — a capable presenter fully deserving of this opportunity. The letter must confirm the applicant’s description of his/her role in the project, if possible. Length: One typed page.

Section 4: Personal Statement or Presentation

Tell us about yourself in a personal statement or a multimedia presentation. Length: 300 words or fewer; or a multimedia presentation no longer than one minute. Video presentations are strongly encouraged.

Section 5: Professional Coaching

Fellows will receive three group coaching sessions with leaders in digital journalism who offer practical advice and guidance. Sessions are based on what Fellows need most to advance their projects and their careers. Past sessions have covered topics such as skills building; pitching projects, stories and oneself; career advancement in a changing world; audience engagement; marketing and entrepreneurship. In 200 words or less, what topics would you most like covered?