John Keefe

Bot Developer and App Product Manager • Quartz • New York City, NY
Last edited January 18, 2019

For nine years, John guided news operations for WNYC, New York Public Radio, and grown its capacity for breaking news, election coverage and investigative reporting.

He also infuses WNYC’s journalism with data reporting and interactive news applications. His work includes numerous online Census projects, analysis of NYPD arrests by geography, campaign-finance maps and texting-based crowd-sourcing efforts. He collaborates across departments, works with other news organizations and builds applications with Ruby, JavaScript and an array of free, online tools.

And he shares nearly everything he does. In the spirit of public media, and in the public interest, John peels back his processes so that others might learn from them. He does this on his blog, at journalism conferences and at events such as SXSW Interactive and ONA11 in Boston. He has been an adjunct lecturer at Columbia University and the CUNY Graduate School of Journalism, and co-teaches a data-journalism class at The New School University.

His career includes work as a police reporter at two Wisconsin newspapers and as science editor at Discovery Channel Online.

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