Irene McKisson

Editor, #ThisIsTucson • Arizona Daily Star • Tucson, AZ
Last edited June 19, 2017

Irene is the team leader of a new product for millennial women called #ThisIsTucson. For three years before that, she ran the Arizona Daily Star’s social media accounts, trained reporters and worked with newsroom analytics as the social media and audience engagement editor. #ThisIsTucson was a startup-style, intrapreneur project to reach women and millennials in the Southern Arizona market. Irene helped develop the digital-only product and now runs the team of five women writers who are creating content daily for Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and an app. She has been in the newsroom for 13 years, starting in the Star’s sports department where she was a designer, copy editor and night editor. She is a mom of two, an adjunct instructor in the UA School of Journalism, rides her bike to work and can knit a sweater.