Amy King

Assistant Managing Editor, Features and Features Design • Los Angeles Times • Washington, D.C.
Last edited October 28, 2020

When selected for the Women’s Leadership Accelerator, Amy was the Design Director for the Emerging News Products team at The Washington Post. She was responsible for the creative direction of The Post’s premiere news app. She managed a team of designers who create custom design treatments for the app. But there’s more. Podcasts! Stickers! Apple News! Basically, if you’re a cool, emerging news product, Amy will work with you. And before all of this, she was an award-winning art director for The Washington Post’s Arts & Style and Food sections. And before all of that, she was the Sunday A1 and Projects designer for The Arizona Republic. She attended Ohio University’s Scripps School of Visual Communication and grew up in Canton, OH — home of the Football Hall of Fame.