Thursday, Feb. 23, 2012

ONAvation Webinar: Innovative Social Tools for Covering the 2012 Election

The social web is an increasingly important way to reach new audiences, especially during campaign season. But how can you use social media to help you convey the energy and excitement of the campaign trail? Learn about the trends and tools that can help you add color and depth to your election coverage.

This webinar, offered in partnership with Poynter’s NewsU, will introduce you to the array of social tools that you can use and help you figure out how to harness content you’re already producing for use on the social web.


Five social channels you should get on today
Using Twitter beyond a 140-character update
The care and feeding of online communities
How to navigate tone and interactions on social media channels


Anyone interested in learning innovative social media tools and techniques to enhance their coverage of the 2012 election.


Phoebe Connelly
Phoebe Connelly is a senior editor at Yahoo News where she works on crowd sourcing, emerging reporting technology and the social web. Her writing has appeared in The Atlantic, The Guardian, NPR, and The Awl. She runs Yahoo’s Politics Tumblr and with Zachary Roth edits Yahoo’s ongoing project on long-term unemployment, Down But Not Out. She tweets as @phoebedoris.

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Covering the election? Take this ONAvation webinar on innovative social tools with Phoebe Connelly.


Thursday, Feb. 23, 2012