Thursday, Jul. 12, 2012

ONAvation webinar: Build Your First Twitter Application

Ready to move beyond using run-of-the-mill widgets available online and expand your use of APIs?

This one-hour Webinar will help you take the next step and build your first Twitter application using the basics of JavaScript and HTML. You’ll get great tools and tips on building custom Twitter applications that match your website design. You’ll also get a good look at the Twitter API and all of the options for using it. You’ll see how you can customize the ways you display posts, and search for terms and parse the data onto your webpage.

This upcoming Webinar will be broadcast on:
Thursday, July 12, 2012 at 2:00pm Eastern Time
Can’t attend the live Webinar? We’ll have an archived replay available soon after the live session. Your registration will give you access to the replay plus our bonus resources.

This webinar is for journalists, developers and others who have at least a working knowledge of HTML and have used Twitter widgets available online. If you want to learn the basics of APIs, Poynter’s NewsU also offers an introductory Webinar, Programming for Non-Geeks: The Basics of Using APIs.


Understand how to use Twitter API and tweet data object
Run a Web page with your own Twitter search
Plot basic geodata in a Google map
Build a simple Twitter application to add to your Web page


Online producers, designers, developers and anyone who wants to include social media to stories.


Katharine Jarmul
Katharine Jarmul is lead developer at Loud3r, a content-curation start-up based in Los Angeles, California. She spent four years at the Washington Post and USA TODAY building applications as part of several open-source teams, primarily utilizing Python and Django. She spends her free time helping the PyLadies, an organization working to increase diversity within the Python community through outreach, education and community-building.

Register for the webinar at the link below. Registration is $29.95 or $9.95 for ONA members. Access the discount code on the ONA member site.

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Get great tools and tips on building custom Twitter applications that match your website design


Thursday, Jul. 12, 2012