Wednesday, Jun. 27, 2012

ONAPhilly: Does news help fuel our waterfront revival?

 An ONA Local event, hosted by ONA Philadelphia

When: Wednesday, June 27, 2012, 6:00 PM To 8:00 PM
Where: Morgan’s Pier, 221 N. Columbus Blvd., Philadelphia, PA

After decades of conversation, movement seems to be afoot along the central swath of the Delaware River, including most notably the Race Street Pier and the long-term visioning process.

So has news, and specifically the outgrowth of online publications focused on development, helped fuel that movement? It’s the age-old question of whether news follows action or the other way around.

We’re going to discuss over beers at Morgan’s Pier, the buzzy new addition to the portion of Delaware Avenue that might nearly be described as walkable. From 5-7 pm, Morgan’s Pier will have its Happy Hour, which includes select $3 draft beer and $12 growlers.

No speakers, no panel discussions, no networking: just journalists boozing and debating, as we should.

Come with your thoughts: development news sites like PlanPhilly, standard-bearers like the Inquirer and a slew of newer additions like Hidden City, Naked Philly and others, have all covered the waterfront like the major infrastructure opportunity that it is in recent years. Is that driving excitement which is driving movement or are they merely covering an issue that was part of this administration’s priorities or this generation’s interests?

Come out, meet someone new and get into a delightful debate at a very cool, new place.

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Come debate with other journalists at the pier.


Wednesday, Jun. 27, 2012