Friday, Jul. 31, 2015

ONADC: Startup DC Weekend

 An ONA Local event, hosted by ONA DC

ONADC is partnering with Startup Weekend DC for a fun and fabulous weekend.

Do you have an idea that will change the way media and content is created, delivered, distributed, consumed, measured or monetized? Do you want to work together with other entrepreneurs to get your concept off the ground?

Then Startup Weekend DC Media Edition is the place to be!

Advancements in technology, such as streaming audio and video, social networks, and mobile apps, have forced media companies of all types to create and deliver content in new, engaging ways and adapt to changing business models. Now you have the chance to make your mark on the industry.

Whether you’re a seasoned entrepreneur or new to the startup world, Startup Weekend DC Media Edition is where you can pitch your idea, form a team, validate your concept, build your product, get valuable insight from mentors, and present your work to a panel of esteemed judges all in just 54 hours.

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Will you build the next great media company?


Friday, Jul. 31, 2015