Tuesday, May 29, 2012

ONADC: Hey Girl (May Meetup)

Hi there,

I know. I’ve been busy. No. Don’t say that. I’m completely dedicated to this relationship. You are amazing. And I’ve missed you. Let’s make it right. How about a get together at the Laughing Man Tavern on May 29th…say 6:30 PM. We’ll reunite (like Peaches and Herb.) We’ll talk about Good Times (and Kid Dynomite.) The beautiful curve of your bottle, the way you splash over ice, or mix with sweet vermouth…I can’t wait. See you soon.

Love, Tiff.

Oh….hi ONADC group. I didn’t hear you come in. This is awkward. I was just talking to my bourbon. Like you, we’ve been apart. I’ve been toiling with a bottle of Tito’s. No, it’s not ok. I know that now.

Come join me, my bourbon, Matt and Laura and the rest of your ONADC pals at our May 29th happy hour. That’s right — no program, just lovely chit-chat with your peers. We’ll get back on the learning next month. We don’t even care about your last name this time.

Join us at:
Laughing Man Tavern (downstairs)
1306 G St NW, Washington, DC


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Come have drinks and catch up with your ONADC pals.


Tuesday, May 29, 2012