Thursday, Oct. 1-16, 2020 • Everywhere

ONA20 Everywhere

The Online News Association will host its 21st annual conference everywhere, all at once, Oct. 1 – 16, 2020. Our global journalism innovation festival will be virtual, offering interactive collaboration with some of the most innovative minds in digital media, including journalists, media executives, product teams, entrepreneurs and educators.

ONA20 Everywhere will offer numerous ways to engage with peers, colleagues and amazing talent. Our creative community ranges from experienced veterans at international news outlets to representatives from major tech companies to leaders of local news startups to those just getting started in their media careers. You’ll have the opportunity to check out product demos and interact with sponsors knowledgeable about the ins and outs of their tools. Layer that with innovative networking and social events, and you’ll be part of a professional and fun experience unlike any other virtual event you’ve participated in.

In short, ONA20 Everywhere will offer more than two weeks of learning, as well as opportunities to connect with journalism’s best and brightest, in a fun and energetic way. Need more information about the value of attending the conference? Check out more reasons why ONA20 is worth the investment.

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Thursday, Oct. 1-16, 2020

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