Tuesday, Sep. 17, 2013

ONA Toronto: Post-summer drinks and social

 An ONA Local event, hosted by ONA Toronto

Summer is coming to an end, and ONA Toronto thinks it’s time to come together and connect with our summer social.

We’ve arranged a private event at Kensington Market’s Handlebar, and here is the agenda:

6:30-7 p.m.: Arrival.

7-8 p.m.: In five minute blocks, attendees are invited to come up to the front to share with the group one of the following:

– Demo a cool project you worked on in your newsroom this summer.- Discuss a digital journalism challenge you or your organization came up against this summer and share you how solved it.- Share some professional development you’ve been doing (a course, a personal project, a visit to another newsroom). Make sure to include lessons learned.- We’re open to other ideas!

The key here is to make sure that you leave your audience with 1 or 2 take-aways they can apply to their own life/career. For questions please email kimafox@gmail.com

8 p.m.: Draw for door prizes (Stay tuned to hear more about the cool prizes we’re getting donated – all proceeds will go back to ONA Toronto, to help fund future events)

8 p.m. onwards: Socialize

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Join us for demos and catch up with local journalists.


Tuesday, Sep. 17, 2013