Tuesday, Oct. 4, 2011

ONA-SPJ Seattle Meetup

Update (10/1): David Horsey unfortunately has had something unexpected come up and will not be able to join us this Tuesday. We’ll make sure to have him at a meetup later in the fall.

Instead, we’ll shift our focus to digital photography: Josh Trujillo, staff photographer at the Seattle P-I, has gone from shooting for one or two illustrative images for the shuttered Seattle Post-Intelligencer newspaper to composing stand-alone click-through galleries where as many as 40 or 50 images tell their own stories. He’ll share his thoughts on the evolution of visual media in digital news, how storytelling is morphing in the breaking news environment, and some ways all journalists can think visually and incorporate that into their storytelling and digital strategy. Check out some of his work here and here. Casey McNerthney, who writes the PI’s 911 blog and works closely with Josh on breaking news, will moderate the discussion.

See you Tuesday at Jillian’s!

This is our fifth in a series of the #Newsnext meetups, where we’re talking to interesting locals working in the digital space. If you’re interested in gathering with writers, editors, photographers, producers, developers, designers, engineers and anyone else with an interest in the production of news, Jillian’s will have a cash bar and some great space to meet with like-minded digital professionals.

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Join two-time Pulitzer winner David Horsey at the next ONA-SPJ Seattle Meetup.


Tuesday, Oct. 4, 2011