Tuesday, Mar. 4, 2014

ONA SF: Ebooks, Etc: What Flies and Flops in the New Long-Form Journalism

 An ONA Local event, hosted by ONA SF

As nostalgics mourn the death of good journalism, some great, true (and lengthy!) storytelling is cropping up in newfangled formats: ebooks, blog sites, and web novellas like the New York Times’ “Invisible Child.” What’s stirring this rebirth of long-form, and how do we seize its opportunities? Where lies the quicksand? Is all this experimentation actually financially sustainable? And what could we do through these new platforms that we’ve never done before?

Hosted by the storytelling innovators at Byliner, this panel brings together pioneers engaged in the form via all angles: writer, editor, publisher, critic/consumer. Join us for light refreshments and schmoozing at 6:30, followed by the panel at 7:15. Space is limited, so reserve your slot early.

Panelists include:

Mark Armstrong
— founder of Longreads, the first global community dedicated to finding and sharing outstanding in-depth storytelling on the web; content strategist

Jim Daly — executive producer at Byliner; previously the founding editor of TED Books and Business 2.0 magazine

Laura Fraser — co-founder and editorial director of Shebooks.net, the publishing platform for short ebooks by and for women; freelance writer and author of the NYT Best-selling memoir An Italian Affair

Jon Mooallem — contributing writer to the New York Times Magazine; writer-at-large for Pop-Up Magazine; author of Wild Ones and the Atavist ebook American Hippopotamus

Moderated by Grace Rubenstein — multimedia editor of TED Books and regular contributor at KQED radio and KQED.org

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Discuss the rebirth of long-form and how seize its opportunities.


Tuesday, Mar. 4, 2014