Saturday, Apr. 14, 2018 • Chapel Hill, NC

ONA NC Triangle: ONA Triangle: Digital Storytelling Workshop and Leadership Training

 An ONA Local event, hosted by ONA NC Triangle

Join ONA Triangle for two interactive sessions designed for student journalists, professionals and everyone in between.

Samantha Ragland will lead a hands-on workshop about cross-platform storytelling and engagement. Then she’ll dive into a leadership session.

There is no cost to attend and lunch will be provided.

SESSION 1: Cross-platform storytelling, from strategy and execution to measuring success
There is no one-size-fits-all approach to digital storytelling.This workshop will break down the unique characteristics and audience expectations for stories presented on platforms like Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. We’ll look at how a text-based story can be told in seconds on Snapchat or Instagram, how that same story can be told through photos on Facebook or text-bites on Twitter. We’ll discuss why some stories work best on one platform over the other, and which strategic questions you should be asking yourself ahead of your coverage plan to know. And finally, we’ll also dig into our smartphones, sharing some of our favorite apps for creating digital stories without ever logging on to a computer. After learning about these digital spaces and tools to create engaging content for them, you’ll break into groups and translate a story into one of these digital spaces.

WHAT TO BRING:A charged-up smartphone, laptop or both

IMPORTANT TO KNOW:This training isn’t just for journalists! It’s for anyone who is curious about digital storytelling or already considers themselves a digital storyteller.


SESSION 2: How to lead from anywhere in the room

If there’s one thing I’ve learned that I wish to share with the masses, it’s this exact idea — that you can lead from ANY position.Whether you’re a student, an intern, a reporter, in revenue, in management, with direct reporters or without them… it doesn’t matter. You can lead your colleagues from whatever position you hold. And yes, you can be an effective and valuable leader without ever being an editor or manager of people.We’ll have a GIF-filled good time with this training that will include writing, small group and pop-up exercises. So come ready to make new friends, to teach as a leader and to learn from the leaders around you.

WHAT TO BRING: An open and reflective mind because what you’ll be taking away with you, I hope, is a better understanding of your leadership style and ability as well as practical ways to display both in your newsroom starting Monday.

As the woman you often hear before you see, Samantha Ragland is currently Manager of Digital Storytelling at The Palm Beach Post, responsible for growing reporters into digital strategists. A Southerner to the core, Samantha has big ideas to match her big personality and welcomes the opportunity to experiment, assess and teach.
Her goal is first and foremost to give her team wings. She challenges them to use new storytelling platforms, to own their story distribution and to test engagement strategies with both loyal and new digital audiences. Samantha has been in the media industry for almost five years, and prior to, spent nearly six years as an adjunct English professor. She is one of 28 women chosen for the 2016 ONA-Poynter Women’s Leadership Academy.
Find her on Twitter and Instagram: @sammyragland. And on LinkedIn: in/samantharagland

Join us for a workshop on cross-platform storytelling and leadership.


Saturday, Apr. 14, 2018
10 am-12:30 pm



UNC-Chapel Hill Carroll Hall
211 S Columbia St, Chapel Hill
NC 27514