Thursday, Mar. 31, 2016

ONA Montreal: News at the speed of social media: How to get it right the first time

 An ONA Local event, hosted by ONA Montréal

ONA MTL is hosting a conversation on breaking news — namely, how reporting and the notion of accuracy have changed now that social media has become such an important reporting and newsgathering tool. How do you juggle the immediacy of unfiltered news, the public’s expectations for fast-breaking updates and you and your publication’s reputation for accuracy?

Guest speakers/invités: Les Perreaux/The Globe and Mail, Hayley Juhl/Montreal Gazette + Melinda Dalton/CBC News online desk.

ONA MTL organise une discussion à propos des dernières nouvelles, notament sur l’impact des médias sociaux sur les nouvelles urgentes. Comment pouvons-nous effectuer des vérifications rapides et partager des nouvelles d’envergures en maintenant l’intégrité et l’exactitude d’une publication?

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Join us for a discussion on breaking news quickly and accurately.


Thursday, Mar. 31, 2016
6 pm-8 pm



Pub L'île noire
1649 Rue St-Denis
Montréal, QC