Wednesday, Dec. 9, 2015

ONA LA: Holiday Drinks

 An ONA Local event, hosted by ONA LA

Ring in the holidays with ONA LA! Seventy7 is a neo classic cocktail bar/lounge that ushers memories of a bygone cocktail era. Your first glance through the wooden peep hole door immediately conjures a Roaring 20′s vibe. Once you have entered, your eye will be drawn to the gold crushed velvet wall paper, brown leather banquettes and amber chandelier lighting. Make yourself comfortable at the magnificent bar with a full compliment of high end spirits. These include five varieties of Absinthe; which is served in both cocktails, and traditionally from Absinthe fountains similar to those used during the Belle Epoque era in the cafes of Paris. Find us at the reserved tables on the left side of the venue – be merry and enjoy a wide selection of food and drink.

The LA Weekly writes:

“Tucked in an alley behind the Bank of America on Culver Blvd lies Seventy7. The small candle lit lounge makes you feel like you’re in an underground club far, far away from here. The bar’s trendy, yet oddly seductive, ambiance makes all concept of time go out the window. What goes down behind the bar is what makes Seventy7 special. The staff knows exactly how to make a strong drink taste great. Cocktails come fast, the bartenders are down to earth, there’s live music and the food is tasty. What else is there to ask for?”

Time Out says:

“There’s a sultry vibe to this back-alley speakeasy, where antique chandeliers cast dim light on crushed velvet wallpaper and scenes of Paris and scantily-clad femmes. Absinthe is the poison of choice here, with five varieties available in cocktail form or via traditional Absinthe fountain, for true followers of the Green Fairy.”

Seventy7 is located near the Cardiff Parking Structure in Culver City with a glowing red sign stating “Cocktails.” Parking is available at nearby parking structures (first two hours free) – Cardiff Parking Structure or the parking structure next to Trader Joe’s (9290 Culver Blvd.). Seventy7 is also metro accessible – take the Metro Expo line (blue line) to the Culver City stop (8817 Washington Blvd.) and walk about half a mile.

We hope to see you there!

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Ring in the holidays with ONA LA!


Wednesday, Dec. 9, 2015