Thursday, Mar. 3, 2022 • Global

Move into a news product role in 2022

Join the Online News Association and the News Product Alliance for a meetup on how to move to a newsroom product role from other positions within a news organization. At this event you’ll hear from others who have made this move, learn some ways to apply your newroom experience to a product role, and meet up with other product-minded newsroom pros. Expect to leave with some ideas about how to position yourself for a new role, plus new professional opportunities, peers, mentors and colleagues, and inspiration for a collaboration or partnership.

This event will be participatory — not a webinar — so expect to have the chance to contribute to the conversation throughout the time we’re together.

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An idea-sharing meetup for journalists looking to move into product roles from other newsroom positions and those who have made the move.


Thursday, Mar. 3, 2022
1 pm-2 pm