Nov. 15, 2012

Italy: Glocal News Festival

 An ONA Local event, hosted by ONA Italia

Italy: Glocal News Festival

Glocal news is the first festival of online journalism organized by VareseNews looking at the world from the local perspective.

ONA Italia members will be teaching three workshops, under the name of “Laboratori ONA”: Mobile reporting tools by Rosa Maria Di Natale, Advanced Twitter for journalists by Barbara Sgarzi, and Free, or mostly free tools for the digital journalist by Carlo Felice Dalla Pasqua and Mario Tedeschini-Lalli.

ONA Italia will also have an “ONA moment” on Friday night, where they will talk about the organization and showcase some of the OJA winners.

Find out more about the program and register for the conference at the link below.


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ONA Italia presents at a festival which celebrates reporting online from a local perspective.


Nov. 15, 2012