ONA Weekly #495: Your AI Training Wishlist

By on January 17, 2024

Save the dates: The 2024 Online News Association Conference (ONA24) is happening Sept. 18-21 in Atlanta.

Your AI training wishlist

AI will continue to be a big focus for the programming and resources we offer throughout 2024. We want to hear from you along the way about the opportunities that would be most responsive to your needs and interests as they evolve.

Reply directly to this email to tell us:

  • What AI tools would you be eager to try out, with some hands-on guidance?
  • What AI-powered work are you admiring so far this year from your journalism peers?
  • Whose perspective needs to be amplified in the discussion about AI in journalism?
Related: We previously asked about the tech tools you couldn’t live without in 2023, and a number of people shared about AI-assisted tools. Check out what tools others are relying on, and feel free to add your favorites if you didn’t get a chance to do so at the end of the year.

Unlocking content engagement with audience-led planning [Sponsored]

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ICYMI: Career wayfinding with Jessica Stretliz

Jessica Strelitz led business development and partnerships at ONA for nearly 11 years. Jessica moved on from the organization at the end of 2023, but not before generously sharing important lessons from her career in journalism so far — both inside and outside newsrooms. Read the latest Office Hours newsletter for her reflections on management, team building and why journalists have such strong skills for business development.


Collier Prize for State Government Accountability

The entry period is now open for the $25,000 Collier Prize, recognizing outstanding, state-level investigative journalism in 2023. Deadline for submitting entries is Jan. 31, 2024. Learn more about submitting your entry.

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