ONA Weekly #438: Innovative Storytelling For Newsrooms

By on November 30, 2022

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Integrating innovative storytelling into your newsroom

The rise and adoption of emerging technologies has transformed how audiences expect to receive news and how newsrooms are sharing their content. It is critical that organizations and journalists not only develop their unique voice on emerging platforms, but to also remember that authenticity is key when using this new technology. At ONA22, we explored innovative news storytelling and ways in which newsrooms are adopting new platforms while remaining true to their mission.

There is a rise in the journalistic power of user-generated content on social media. Creators and activists are creating real world impact via TikTok. If we’re to meet younger audiences where they are, TikTok may be the place. From how to script a video, to discovering which content attracts which audiences, session panelists in TikTok, Creator Journalists, and News on the #FYP, shared their experience creating a new TikTok for The Intercept and insights from the risks and opportunities that came with it. 

Starting a podcast isn’t as easy as grabbing a microphone. The team behind the Drag Audio Production House shared how they figured out how to start a podcast and how they grew to producing eight podcasts in Build and Audio Production House on a Shoestring Budget. Hint: they work with students at University of Texas Austin who may know a lot of things we don’t, and get paid to gain work experience in their field of study.


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