ONA Weekly #291

By on January 15, 2020

Connect with the newest ONA Local groups

We’re excited to welcome Columbia, South Carolina; Tampa Bay, Florida; the Twin Cities, Minnesota; Lyon, France; Hong Kong and Spain to the ONA Local network! Led by volunteer digital journalism professionals, these new and rebooted groups will bring together local journalists to network and share resources. Organizers will also receive leadership training to push innovation in their newsrooms and communities. Get to know the newest ONA Local groups and their organizers.

Stay up to date on immersive storytelling

The Journalism 360 newsletter curates innovative projects, tutorials and other inspiring resources to help expand the use of immersive technology for news. Our most recent issue included round-ups of some of the most impressive projects from 2019, ways that AI can exhibit “weirdness” and a look at groundbreaking tech from the recent CES 2020 convention. Subscribe for future updates

Resources from our community

As you’re planning this year’s projects, use the collective knowledge of the ONA community to inform your decisions. The ONA Resource Center is an archive of the video, audio and other materials from our conferences and other recent events. If you’re tackling office culture in 2020, you might like to explore the session on approaching difficult conversations at work — or if you’re gearing up for reporting during the election year, revisit danah boyd’s powerful presentation on media manipulation and responsibility

Upcoming events

ONA Local groups regularly host events for digital journalists all over the world. Find a group near you or learn how to start a new one.

Career opportunities

ONA’s Career Center is an excellent resource for jobs, fellowships and internships in digital journalism. Recent postings include:

On our radar