Journalism 360 No. 26: Rebuilding After Camp Fire, Cartoons And Ads In AR

By on December 6, 2019


Rebuilding Paradise. Yahoo News’ immersive content program, led by former Journalism 360 director Laura Hertzfeld, published their first AR story — a feature about starting over after last year’s Camp Fire in Paradise, Calif.

Cartoons in AR. The New Yorker Today app has a new AR tool, for laughs. The “Animate Objects” feature recognizes everyday items — from coffee mugs to dirty socks — and reveals their “innermost thoughts,” as illustrated by the New Yorker cartoonist Liana Finck.

If cartoons, why not ads? Snap is betting on 5G-driven augmented reality to grow its advertising revenue. The company recently announced a partnership with Verizon to expand AR features on its platform, including new ways to experience live events.

Your own AR app. Learn something new with this step-by-step tutorial for creating an augmented reality app with the 4DViews system, developed by Georgia State University student Nicholas Oxford.

Demo like a pro. Consider these five tips for presenting your VR project.

Framework for ethics. Biometric data, the digital divide, AI influence, autonomy of personal space — these are just a few of the issues covered in Voices of VR host Ken Bye’s XR Ethics Manifesto. Ken explores the nuances of ethical issues in mixed reality and distills a framework for ideal scenarios in different contexts. Follow along with the slides as you listen to his talk.

People to watch. Journalism 360 ambassador Ben Kreimer made Virtual Umbrella’s roster of 50 inspiring VR professionals to keep an eye on in 2020. The list includes leaders across a range of industries who are expanding the potential of immersive tech, from data accessibility to user interactions to tackling questions around identity.

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