ONA Weekly #283

By on November 6, 2019

ONA Local on campus

We’re excited to introduce the student leaders and faculty advisors who’ll be leading ONA Local groups on their campuses during the 2019-2020 school year. These organizers will be engaging students with an interest in digital journalism by hosting meetups, bringing in speakers and gathering for workshops to hone a specific skill. Get to know them.

Covering the 2020 U.S. elections

The ONA19 Video Team gathered advice from political editors at The New York Times, Associated Press and others on things to keep in mind as the 2020 U.S. elections approach. “You are serving readers — you are giving them the tools they need to evaluate who their government officials are going to be,” said Naomi Schalit, Senior Editor at Conversation U.S. Watch the video

A conversation with Amy Webb

For the final episode of our #Happy20thONA podcast series, ONA on Air Producer Rachel Wise sat down with futurist Amy Webb to reminisce about 12 years of delivering her popular Tech Trends in Journalism presentation at our annual conferences, and passing the baton to new speakers. “I love doing this, and I think it’s important work, but there’s not enough people doing this work,” she said. Listen and explore the other episodes from this season

From the archives: Amy Webb’s playlists

We are sharing resources and stories from the ONA archives throughout 2019, as we celebrate 20 years of inspiring innovation and excellence in digital journalism.

For the last 12 years, Amy Webb has curated music to play during her talks at our annual conferences. A few sharp attendees might have noticed that she embedded Easter eggs in each one — like in 2015, when she brought robots onstage with songs like “She Blinded Me With Science” playing in the background. Amy recently shared the playlists and the themes she designed them around on Twitter — check them out and start guessing at what next year’s speaker might bring.

Community stories

How has your ONA experience impacted your work and career? Contribute your story to #Happy20thONA.

Times flies! @ONA has been a constant companion and tremendous resource for me throughout my career. I have met so many fellow journalists, learned a lot and grown a lot, thanks to this amazing organization. Here’s to you, #Happy20thONA! — Niketa Patel
FACT: @ONA changed my career AND my life. On its 20th birthday, I have to scream my ❤️ from the mountaintops for an org that has done more to advance the careers of women of color in the last few years than some companies have done in the last two decades. Thanks #ONA. #Happy20thONA — Imaeyen Ibanga

Upcoming events

ONA Local groups regularly host events for digital journalists all over the world. Find a group near you or learn how to start a new one.

Jobs in journalism

ONA’s Career Center is an excellent resource for jobs in digital journalism. Recent postings include:

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