ONA Weekly #234

By on November 21, 2018

Nonlinear career paths

Calling all zig-zaggers! Listen to Is My Zig-Zag Showing? for tips on how to identify patterns in your nonlinear career path, frame your bio as a mission statement and practice your unique elevator pitch. This ONA18 session also offers guidance for recruiters and news organizations looking to hire for varied, dynamic skills and knowledge sets.

Journalism job trends

The ONA18 session Real News Job Market featured insights from an analysis of 600,000 job postings to understand the U.S. job market for journalism, emerging skills sets and the spread of journalism skills to other industries. Trends point to the rise of hybrid roles and growing demand for skills in audience analysis, investigative reporting and bilingual fluency. Listen to the session audio to learn more about the findings.

Explore career opportunities

If you are looking for a new job in digital media, keep an eye on the ONA Career Center for free access to new listings each week. There are opportunities for reporters just starting out, journalism educators, technologists and more. We also offer a suite of services for recruiters; ONA members can contact jessica@journalists.org for a discount code.

Join a cohort of digital women leaders

Applications are due Nov. 30 for the 2019 Women’s Leadership Accelerator, a tuition-free, yearlong program aimed at advancing women in digital journalism. The 2019 program kicks off with a week of immersive programming, one-on-one mentoring and site visits Feb. 10-15 in Los Angeles. Past speakers include Hearken CEO and Co-founder Jennifer Brandel, Mic Publisher Cory Haik and S. Mitra Kalita, Vice President for Programming at CNN Digital. Learn more and complete your application

Upcoming events

ONA Local groups regularly host events for digital journalists all over the world. Find a group near you or learn how to start a new one.

Jobs for journalists

ONA’s Career Center is an excellent resource for jobs in digital journalism. Recent postings include:

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