Journalism 360 No. 10: Drawing In 360, Immersive Festival, Guiding Beginners

By on September 7, 2018

Animated illustration of Tijuana, Mexico, for the 360-video series The Deported.


Drawing the border. For The Deported project, JOVRNALISM’s illustration team rendered 360-degree footage of Tijuana into animated drawings that fade into the immersive piece as the story unfolds. Learn how they did it, step by step.

Festival preview. Greenland MeltingDamming the NileThe Wall and other projects from the Journalism 360 community will feature at the second annual Immersive Storytelling Festival, Sept. 14 during the 2018 Online News Association Conference.

Flashback field notes. Immerse’s Carrie McLaren reflected on conversations at the Journalism 360 Unconference this summer, including on the stories that make sense as immersive experiences: “What kind of content is ‘worth it’?”

Start here. Speaking of the unconference, we also had discussed the need to develop best practices for onboarding — to guide people through their first time digesting news in an immersive way. For starters, check out this guide for new 360-video consumers and send us a note if you have toolkits or other ideas to help first-timers ease into an immersive experience.

Distribute everywhere. Electric South’s Caitlin Robinson says that unlike the windowing strategy with flat films, the distribution strategy for VR projects should be availability on as many platforms as possible. “The hardware is limited at this point, so it doesn’t make sense to make the content any more inaccessible.”

Are we mainstream yet? A report from the Capgemini Research Institute suggests AR and VR technologies will become mainstream within three years — thanks to growing use in business operations in the automotive, manufacturing and utilities sectors.

Celebrating excellence. The 2018 Online Journalism Awards Ceremony is next Saturday, Sept. 15 in Austin, Texas. Finalists in the immersive storytelling category include Al Jazeera and Contrast VR for the film Yemen’s Skies of Terror, and The New York Times for their augmented reality project David Bowie in Three Dimensions. If you can’t join us in Austin, tune into the livestream starting at 8 p.m. ET — we encourage you to RSVP to get a notification when the show starts.

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