ONA Weekly #187

By on December 13, 2017

 ONA Weekly No. 187

Journalism360: How Al Jazeera handles ethics in VR

VR storytelling provides a unique opportunity to reveal people’s lived experiences and stories, while also presenting its own ethical challenges. “We believe that VR has to be better than putting cameras in locations simply because we can. Ethics in journalism is as much about why the story is being told as how the story is told,” says Zahra Rasool, Editorial Lead for Al Jazeera’s Contrast VR. Learn how Contrast upholds ethics in VR.

Use the ONA17 resources to inform next year’s strategy

With the year coming to a close, your newsroom may be reflecting on what you’ve accomplished in 2017 and setting goals for next year. As you decide on action plans, we encourage you to explore the ONA17 resources to learn best practices for audience engagement, design, newsgathering and more. From case studies to step-by-step plans, there’s a whole cache of materials full of advice and inspiration to improve your work. 

Upcoming events

ONA Local groups regularly host events and meetups for digital journalists all over the world. Find a group near you or get in touch if you’re interested in starting an ONA Local group.

An ethics hotline for journalists

We’re excited to add the Ethics AdviceLine for Journalists to the ONA Resources. The hotline is a free service for professional journalists to reach out to ethics professors and experts. Reporters submit queries online or by calling 866-DILEMMA. Operating since 2001, AdviceLine is run by the Chicago Headline Club chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists and in partnership with the Medill School of Journalism at Northwestern University. Explore more resources available to the ONA community.

Jobs for journalists

Whether you’re focused on getting a new job right now or just interested in seeing what opportunities are out there, ONA’s Career Center is an excellent resource for journalism jobs. It’s free for job seekers to browse. Recent postings include:

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