Getting to know our Code of Conduct for ONA16

By on April 14, 2016

As we open registration for ONA16, we wanted to quickly share an exciting new element for our conference: a Code of Conduct for this and future events.

Thankfully, our community is positive, friendly and supportive of one another — it’s what makes our events such a draw each year. That said, we’ve been inspired by SRCCON, O’Reilly Media and other event organizers who have made explicit their goals for holding harassment-free events, and specify the behavior they deem inappropriate.

ONA leadership and staff are committed to providing a welcoming environment for people from as many diverse backgrounds as possible. We expect our staff, sponsors, presenters and attendees to create and maintain a respectful environment for people of all backgrounds at our events.

To that end, we’ve created our Code of Conduct to clearly state these expectations. We tested the code at our ONA London 2016: Audience Engagement event and received enthusiastic support from presenters and attendees alike. We hope it will be equally welcome this year in Denver.

The code is adapted for the ONA community from open-source codes and policies, which we cite. We consulted more than a dozen other codes of conduct and held conversations with a number of peer organizations and members of the ONA community.

If you have questions about the code, please feel free to contact Digital Director Trevor Knoblich or Senior Communications Manager Jennifer Mizgata.


Trevor Knoblich

As ONA's Chief Knowledge Officer, Trevor works to coordinate information sharing internally, oversees learning for all ONA programs, as well as registration and logistics for events.