ONA Weekly #84

By on November 25, 2015

 ONA Weekly No. 84

Video: Designing ethics in the digital news age

Watch Madeleine Bair from Witness, NPR’s Mark Memmott, AP’s Tom Kent and the Newseum Institute’s Gene Policinski discuss the ethical tensions journalists face while working on a 24/7 digital news cycle in the video from ONA’s recent event at the Newseum. We live-blogged key takeaways for you, too.

Upcoming Events

Livingston Awards judges invite entries

The Livingston Awards for Young Journalists and the University of Michigan honor outstanding achievement by professionals under the age of 35 with $10,000 prizes in local, national and international reporting. Online, print and broadcast entries accepted. Submit your entry online by Feb. 1.
This content is sponsored by the Livingston Awards. 

Jobs in the digital journalism space

If you’re looking for a new position, the holiday weekend is a great time to look through the opportunities in ONA’s Career Center. Jobs recently have been added in New York, Washington, D.C., Texas, Virginia, Arizona, California and more. Recent postings include:

Learn how news organizations are crowdsourcing

The new Guide to Crowdsourcing from the Tow Center takes a deep dive into how journalists are incorporating call-outs to engage audiences inside and outside the newsroom to enhance their reporting.

What We’re Reading

Some recent posts we’ve highlighted on the ONA Issues Tumblr:

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Jeremiah Patterson

Jeremiah Patterson

Jeremiah was ONA's Digital Manager from 2012 to the fall of 2016 and was responsible for ONA's collection of websites, including journalists.org, conference websites, the membership center, awards platforms and more. Before joining ONA, he served as a web producer and content developer at The Wildlife Society, maintaining the organization’s website, email marketing and other online services. An Ohio native and media enthusiast, Jeremiah grew up with a deep interest in video production and graphic design. He now focuses in user experience and human-centered design.