ONA Weekly #46

By on March 4, 2015

 ONA Weekly No. 46

Protecting journalists: new international freelance standards

Recognizing that locally based journalists face the biggest threats, ONA joined more than 40 groups, organized by the Dart Center, that endorse safety principles for freelancers on dangerous assignments and best practices for the news organizations that employ them. Photo: Albert Gonzalez Farran, UNAMID

Send us your conference ideas!

We’re now accepting pitches for ONA15, our annual conference for digital journalists. Anyone can submit topics and speakers and multiple submissions are allowed. The ONA15 Suggestion Box will be open until April 10, but don’t wait to the last minute to send us your ideas.

A win for net neutrality

Last week, the Federal Communications Commission voted three to two to protect net neutrality, ensuring that broadband providers can’t slow or limit content. As an advocate for the Internet “as an unrestricted platform for a rich, diverse and inclusive news media ecosystem,” ONA is thrilled at the outcome. Read our full comment to the FCC.

Upcoming Events

Update on the Women’s Leadership Academy

We received 486 high-quality applications for the ONA-Poynter Leadership Academy for Women in Digital Media. We’ve reviewed each and every application, and seen a lot of amazing projects. We’ll be announcing who will attend next week and sharing updates as we lead up to the seminar with #digitalwomenleaders.


Browsing jobs in ONA’s Career Center is always free for job seekers. Looking to reach digital journalists with a job opening? We have a targeted approach for recruiters.

What we’re reading:

Some recent posts we’ve highlighted on the ONA Issues Tumblr:

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Jeremiah Patterson

Jeremiah Patterson

Jeremiah was ONA's Digital Manager from 2012 to the fall of 2016 and was responsible for ONA's collection of websites, including journalists.org, conference websites, the membership center, awards platforms and more. Before joining ONA, he served as a web producer and content developer at The Wildlife Society, maintaining the organization’s website, email marketing and other online services. An Ohio native and media enthusiast, Jeremiah grew up with a deep interest in video production and graphic design. He now focuses in user experience and human-centered design.