Announcing sessions, speakers and keynotes for ONA London: Mobile!

By on February 12, 2015

We’re delighted to release the complete schedule for ONA London: Mobile, our full-day conference on March 6 at Reuters UK. With news organizations seeing over half their traffic from mobile, now is a perfect time to learn more about how news is created, packaged, shared and discussed on mobile devices.

Experts from around the globe will provide insight into all aspects of mobile news, from prototyping the news to engaging with your community.

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Opening Keynote: Creating A Great News App

Get a behind-the-scenes preview as Stacy-Marie Ishmael, BuzzFeed News, and Nathalie Malinarich, BBC News, explore their processes in developing their as-yet unreleased mobile apps. They’ll discuss design, content, how to predict user needs, what users want to share via social media and how push notifications fit into the mix.

Closing Keynote: What We’re Learning from User-Friendly Mobile

The New York Times’ technology columnist Farhad Manjoo will discuss what newsrooms can learn from Uber, Tinder, Square and other trendsetters. Learn about user behavior and how it can guide your newsroom to create meaningful news experiences that users want to return to.

How to Create a Mobile-First Newsroom

The Guardian’s Subhajit Banerjee and USA TODAY’s Patty Michalski will share how newsrooms can adapt their staffing and structure to encourage collaboration and accommodate a mobile-first mindset. The BBC’s Steve Herrmann moderates the discussion.

Lessons From AJ+ and on Engaging Mobile Communities

Go beyond reaching people on mobile and learn how to bring them into the conversation on breaking news and current events with Malachy Browne,’s Managing Editor and Europe Anchor, and Jigar Mehta, Engagement Lead at AJ+.

See the full schedule online. This event has a limited capacity, so we encourage you to register today.

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Jeremiah Patterson

Jeremiah Patterson

Jeremiah was ONA's Digital Manager from 2012 to the fall of 2016 and was responsible for ONA's collection of websites, including, conference websites, the membership center, awards platforms and more. Before joining ONA, he served as a web producer and content developer at The Wildlife Society, maintaining the organization’s website, email marketing and other online services. An Ohio native and media enthusiast, Jeremiah grew up with a deep interest in video production and graphic design. He now focuses in user experience and human-centered design.