Google ordered to unseal documents without redacting

By on August 6, 2014

In a major victory for press access, on Aug. 6, Google was ordered to unseal the majority of documents sought in a Feb. 19 brief joined by ONA relating to a class-action civil suit against the search engine giant in which users of its gmail service accused the company of violating wiretap laws. The court held that Google, and companies like it, must offer “compelling reasons” for the sealing of documents filed in support of or opposition to class certification, and that the transcript of the class certification hearing held in open court, which Google had sought to redact, cannot be redacted retroactively. Watch for updates on where to access the documents.

Josh Hatch

Josh is the assistant managing editor of data and interactives at the Chronicle of Higher Education and also the president of ONA's Board of Directors. He is actively involved in exploring the potential of online journalism to cover the news and inform the public in new and innovative ways. In his career he’s produced numerous packages that take advantage of the online platform, from election-based games to data-driven interactives, to narrative storytelling. At The Chronicle of Higher Education, he leads a team of data reporters, designers and developers to create data-driven interactive stories and multimedia narratives.